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An average household consumes roughly around 9-15 kWh of energy daily. If a square foot of solar panel can produce 15W, a 700 sq foot solar panel can give you around 10.5 kWh of electricity. This might be enough to meet your current energy consumption needs.

Solar panels have generally low maintenance once they are properly installed. They typically have a 20-25 year warranty and 40 year lifetime expectancy.

Solar modules convert light into electricity through silicon compressed by semiconductors. They have no moving parts, require little maintenance and are designed with warranty up to 25 years. Solar modules use the "photovoltaic effect", discovered by Edmund Becquerel in 1839, to produce electricity. The modules work best in direct sunshine with no shading.

A solar system can supply a proportion of the electricity needs of a typical household. They are often mounted on the roof or on the ground connected to the local electric utility, either supplying all the power directly to the home or pumping the extras back to the utility. Besides reducing your utility electric bill, homeowners can often sell any excess electricity directly back to the utility at a good rate.

Solar systems are also used for commercial applications ranging from large-scale power plants to small family-run businesses. The applications are almost endless, but each has the same idea in mind: taking the power from sun to produce clean and affordable electricity.

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